Easy ways to spy text messages


Do you want to try spying on a text message of your siblings or friends? If you want, then there are easy ways for you to learn how to spy on text messages and these ways are super easy and can be effective. Make sure though that you start small and you practice it before you try it out in the field because with practice everything can be done without any hassle. You would even be glad to know these methods because they are truly simple and anyone can do it if they wanted to. So here are easy ways to spy on text messages.

  • If you are taller than the person who is texting in front of you, then that would be the best chance for you to start spying their text message.
  • If you are beside a person who is texting and you want to spy on their text then make sure that your head is just tilting enough for you to read the text but not obvious enough to show what you are doing.
  • If you are wearing a hoody, cap or even any kind of glasses, then that would also be the best time for you to spy on text messages because your eyes would be covered.


Now you know how to spy on text messages without being notice and if you it will be the first time for you to do it or if you just accidentally spy in a text message and don’t want to be assumed in doing it on purpose. Because these are easy ways then you wouldn’t have any problem trying this out, and you might enjoy it, and people might not notice anything because you did these methods. That is why you shouldn’t worry anymore and relax if you accidentally spy on a text message.